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Experienced New York Lawyers Assist with Child Support Disputes

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A parent’s most important obligation is to give their child the best possible chance at a safe, successful life. Accordingly, New York law requires noncustodial parents to help support their children financially until they turn 21, whether or not the parent ever lived with the child or married the other parent. Moran & Brodrick skillfully represents both custodial and noncustodial parents in hearings and negotiations for child support issues. With more than four decades of experience, we provide a level of ability and dedication that matches the commitment you owe to your son or daughter.

Advising parents on New York’s child support guidelines

Moran & Brodrick litigates on behalf of parents so that a fair rate of child support is established and maintained. Our knowledgeable attorneys can answer any question you have about issues including:

  • Paternity determinations — Child support obligations begin at birth. If parents are not married, a father can establish his parental rights by executing an Acknowledgement of Paternity. When a conflict exists about parentage, either party can go to court for a decision on who the father is. Should a father be given parental rights voluntarily or involuntarily after the child is born, he might be liable for back child support payments dating to the child’s birth. These obligations add up quickly, so if you are involved in a paternity dispute, our attorneys can act swiftly to resolve it.
  • Factors in determining payment rate — New York law sets child support rates based on a percentage of a noncustodial parent’s income and the number of children receiving support. This rate covers annual income up to $141,000, after which the court has the discretion to set an appropriate amount. This calculation includes unemployment and disability benefits in addition to wages as income.
  • Visitation disputes — Even if the custodial parent is violating a visitation agreement by not allowing you to see your child, you are still responsible for child support payments. Moran & Brodrick can petition the court to enforce your visitation rights.

Even in the most difficult and emotional cases, we provide authoritative advice suited to your situation and informed by the latest updates to New York rules.

Petitioning courts for enforcement and modification of orders

In recognition of changes in the economy, child support rates are reviewed every two years to adjust for cost-of-living increases. However, a lost job, new children or other changes in a parent’s circumstances can make what was once a reasonable child support rate no longer fair. No matter what changes your life has undergone, you are not allowed to adjust your rate until a modification is approved by the court. Our lawyers can argue for a just revision quickly. Conversely, if you are the custodial parent who has not been receiving the payments you are entitled to by law, we can pursue back payments in court as well.

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